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January 31, 2016
by carah2014

about me

 about me Carah

            Hi guys I am Carah   I know that this is a pretty boring start but I hope it gets better

             My family is really nice I have my mum how is Shiona   and she is a music teacher. My dad is Terry  and he is an engineer  he works at CSL. I have an older sister she is Ally is year 7 she is into dance and music she likes to sing and is a so talented. I have a cat that is black and white she is so cute!!!!

            Sow you mite be wondering were I am from because if you reed my last post. So I am from Ballarat and I did dance at a dance school called BCMA. Me and my sister had lots of friend their  it was    hard to leave but we manages. We went to Alfredton primary school and Ally was the school captain it was a great their.

          I  go to the National Institute of Circus Arts Australia (NICA) on a Saturday morning for a circus class it is a lot of fun. Ally and I now go to a new dance school because of the move. The dance school we now go to centre stage it is a great dance school and I am excited for something new.

           By Carah

             Thank you for taking the time and reading about me!!!!!!

January 28, 2016
by carah2014

2016 blog intro

Welcome to a new year!

I feel I haven’t really introduced my self but I am a new student at Moonee Ponds Primary School.

My name is Carah and I am in ants class and I’m really liking it here.

Please comment on my new post’s and good luck to you guys for 2016!

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