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February 29, 2016
by carah2014
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buddie reflection

My buddie Cassie

 On Thursday the 25th we went and met our buddies. We brought a letter and a smile (the letter for our buddie and the smile because we where so exited.)   I was so exited. If you didn’t know on Thursdays (most Thursdays) we go and see our buddies for an hour. We do fun activates and we have a lot of fun. It is a time of the week I look forward to and I am shore that others do to. At my old school  in year 3 I had a grade 1 buddie and last year I had a prep (foundation)buddie so I have had some great expenses with them but on to my buddie. My buddie is Cassie and she in so cute!! I think that we will have fun this year!! In buddies we did a teddy bear color in. It  is really nice to sit and chat together. We have buddies because they give as an opportunity to practice our leadership skills and it helps the buddie feel more confident at there new school. I have learned that the buddies program we are supposed to tech the buddie but i think that we are the ones that are learning (5/6) the most. I have learnt that my buddies name is Cassie and she  a prep (foundation) that is happy about being at school that is always ready to learn something new. she always has a big smile  on her face and she is caring and nice to her classmates.  what about your buddie  (if you have one) thank you for taking the time and reading about my buddie and I and here is a pic of as.


February 22, 2016
by carah2014

SRC speech


      hello world, today  I would like to say a few reasons why I should be one of our SRC reps and what I would do as an SRC

      a bit about me

      I am a great listener and I am caring to others. I like to  draw and show my creative side but lets be more specific.

      my confidence

      I sometimes get nerves about things but I am getting way more confident and brave especially with the help of my mum she        has tort me some strategies that help me to be more confident in  my self. an example was last year when I sung alone at              my school concert last year where i sung alone on stage.

      my sister

      my older sister was school capten  a my old school and she has tort me quite a lot about leadership like the                                          commitments and how you miss out on some lunch/reseses doing jobs but i don’t care if i miss out.

         i’m organised

        i am most of the time organised and i really try to be but some times i am not that organised. I like to set up everything for           class.

      i’m kind and caring

      I will try to be as caring as I can and include all of your ideas but not everyone will always be happy. if I get it I know that               I will have to work with a grade 6 and I am okay with that.


     my speech is coming to an end and it might  of been a bit doge  because i haven’t really ever don a speech like this or got a            leadership roll but I really wont to have one this year so thank you for listening.

    on the day it wasn’t like this exactly because i used cue cards and the words just flowed right out


February 19, 2016
by carah2014
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100 word challenge week 7

    prompt The Door Opend And Their It Was
Once in the normle land of loolaa the was a little kid named Ben. Ben had a secret that he kept from the world he was scared that people would make fun of him. So at night when everyone thort he was fast asleep he went to a hidden world a world like no other behind the door of wonder. AND THEN THE DOOR OPEND AND THEIR IT WAS it was amazing the mystical land
of wonder it was so cool you travel by water slide and have pet dinasors . BUT IS IT JUST A DREAM OR IS IT REALLY!!!!

February 6, 2016
by carah2014
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why you’re lucky to have me in your class

why you’re lucky to have me in your class

I feel that you are lucky that I am in you class  because …

                                                                                                                   I am nice and help out when people need it. I am respectful and I care about other people.

I am crazy and I am not afraid to be my self.

I like to do circus and have a good sense of humour.

I do dance and last year I was a lead roll in my act for grade 4.

I am kite good at maths  and in public specking.

And that is why you are lucky to have me in your class.


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