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100wc week 17




my goal for this week is to describe the talking

i put my hand out i reached up high. “oh i wish i could reach that ladder.” Abby sighed. she got her dads old rusty ladder but still she couldn’t reach the small rope and wooden ladder. her brother saying “just give up” in a mean sort of tone. Abby finally got grip when the ladder started to wobble and rise. BUT NOW ONE NOTICED!  as she raised she looked at the world below her and hoping for the best. she said in a soft sad voice “i will always love you mum and dad! 😢 …………


  1. Hi Carah,

    I thought that this was a good 100wc. I think that you achieved your goal very well. I really like your first sentence “I put my hand out I reached up high. “Oh I wish I could reach that ladder.” Abby sighed” because it rhymes.

    Good Job! 🙂

    From Shirley

  2. This is a lovely story of hope Carah! Well done on describing the talking-it really lets us know what the characters are feeling. Just remember to put capitals at the start of all your sentences,
    Well done!

  3. Hey Carah,
    That was a brilliant piece of writing!
    Your sentences are phenomenal, I really like how you started it and finished it. The first sentence rhymes, and rhyming kinda makes you feel joyful. But you last sentence was so sad and touching, it was really good!
    Well done!

  4. hey Carah
    your 100wc was so good an was way better than mine. i think that you achieved your goal really well. your story had really good adjectives and i think that’s what brought your whole story to life.
    from Tiana
    P.S i think the emoji was really cool

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