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Here are my goals from semester 1

I want to try and be more of a voracious reader and read more often, learn my times tables off by hart, work better in a group and  being more prepared. I can do this by sitting down every night and Practice my times tables as often as I can. Try and contribute in a group and try to do homework as early as possible. I want to do my best to achieve this goals. This may take longer than 1 semester to active but I think I can do it.


I have been doing OK with my goals but there are some things that I could improve on .I have be trying to improve on reading more often and for longer. I think that is one of my main goals that I want to work on. I haven’t been reading every night or as long as I probably should be so I do want to work on that .I had some certain time’s tables that I did want to work on so I also really want to work on them this semester. I want to work on them atlases once a week. I could do better.

Here are my goals from semester 2

This semester I want to work on harder multiplication, my writing, posts on my blog and being better at spelling. I could improve by writing more stories and working on strategies. Trying to make longer and more creative posts and finding strategies in spelling. I think the goal I want to work on the most is my spelling because I have a lot of trouble. I will try my best to achieve my goals and improve in areas that I am not as strong in or not as skilled at.

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