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BTN: HARRY POTTER (24/7/2007)


this is a link to the episode  HARRY POTTER

this episode was about the releasing of harry potter the deathly hallows a how its one of the most selling books series.  why are the books so good? i am starting to read the books and i am finding them quite enjoyable because it has so much action and wonder. i can understand how harry potter is one of the best selling series. JK Rowling  is one of the richest book writer from the harry potter series. i wonder how meany copy’s of the harry potter books have been sold in the world?

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  1. hi Carah. that was a really interesting b.t.n . i like how you related it to your self and others. also you could work on your spelling. (here are 2 sentences i didn’t understand) I wounder how many copies of the book was sold. i didn’t understand the wounder bit. i think it was wonder. also maybe the sentence JK Rowling is one of the reaches book writers. i didn’t really understand the reaches bit. was it meant to be richest. well please reply to this comment and keep up the good work.

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