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June 17, 2016
by carah2014

BTN: DORY IN DANGER (14/6/2016)

this is a link to the episode DORY IN DANGER

this episode was about how there is a new movie coming out but it was also about NOT TAKING FISH FROM THERE NATURAL HABITAT! you may wonder why? its because since the movie finding Nemo  people  have been wanting more clown fish and as a result more clown fish are being taken out of the ocean.  i understand that the new movie finding dory may result the same way. some people say that approximately 1,000,000 clown fish are being taken from the ocean each year that is a lot. i wonder if the same thing will happen to dory?

blue– recalls (3)

green-incites (understanding)  (1)

purple– questions (2)


June 15, 2016
by carah2014

100wc week 22

prompt   Violin, Eaten, Yellow, Airplane, Swept

The music rang, as i played my violin. The sound of both the music and an airplane soaring in the sky. I felt a breeze swept across my neck. My mum had to go out for lunch with grandma at yellow spear cafe. I had eaten just before tasting the chill from the stir fry she had just had. when her mum was gone she felt this bit lonely she normally would color in but this time it wasn’t that simple. she danced she hummed but she instead she felt more lonely. why was it like this. WHY! WHY!

June 15, 2016
by carah2014

graphs in class

today we made graphs on excel this is the graph i based it on


this was my graph

graph  click on the photos to get a zoomed in pic!

this graph is a line graph and i chose it because it shows change over time. it is showing the average global temperatures over time. it is in intervals of 20 years.

June 12, 2016
by carah2014


this is a link to the episode CHANGING BARBIE

This episode was about how toy creates like barbie, brats and action fingers are now trying to make there toys more realistic. Why do they what to change things like barbie when it has been like this for several years? Its because it can put pressure on girls to look a center way and it can be really unhealthy. I understand how it is unrealistic and some people would want it to change. If barbie was real her proportions would be nothing like a real human and doctors even say that she probably would not be able to walk because her legs are so small. I wonder what other changes people may make to barbie?

blue– recalls (3)

green-incites (understanding)  (1)

purple– questions (2)


June 9, 2016
by carah2014

100wc week 21

prompt …a whistle blew and everyone disappeared…

my goal for this week is to have time shown

The sound rang past my ears WHAT IS GOING ON!

That morning before everything happened……….

It was morning i was of to my brothers soccer game it is so boring. I can’t be bothered to cheer them on. There doing an awful if you ask me.

30 minutes later they are about to finish.

Then the game finished and a whistle blew then everyone disappeared. The sound rang past my ears WHAT IS GOING ON! I was all alone what had happened i am so confused is this how it ends clueless. where did they all go?

June 4, 2016
by carah2014

BTN: BLIND TENNIS (27/10/2015)

this is a link to the episode BLIND TENNIS

this episode was about how some kids are trying out a new sport called blind tennis it is a sport that is for people that vision is not that good. how do you play blind tennis? there is a soft ball with a rattle in it  so the players can hear where the ball landed on the court there is also a piece of  wire (cord) that helps them know where they are on the court. i understand it would be quite a difficult game to play. the kids that tried it out  made little instruction booklets some even made theirs in braille.  i wonder how hard it actually is.        


blue– recalls (3)

green-incites (understanding)  (1)

purple– questions (2)

June 2, 2016
by carah2014

100wc week 20










my goal for this week is to ask questions

“What is that a statue of?  Who is it of? Why is it there? Is that person famous in any way? What is its purpose? Does it have one? Why is it sitting on the chair like any ordinary person? Is he an ordinary person? Who is this man? He couldn’t be an ordinary person could he? Where is he from? Is he important? Dad dad who is this person (statue)? Could you please tell me dad? Dad could i have a ice-cream? Please please dad? Dad can i just have lemon?” “OK go buy a lemon ice-cream” dad said.

June 1, 2016
by carah2014

prepped speech

Hello wold

Today I will explain to you why we build houses from bricks and wood and what the benefits are.

Bricks and wood work well together because it may be a Brick house but builders made the frame from wood and steel. Wood and bricks are quite similar.

The 3 little pigs made their houses from straw, sticks and bricks. Which pig was the smartest? It was the pig that made its house from bricks because bricks are way stronger than straw and sticks. Maybe if that pig that made its house from sticks made it from wood it would have been stronger.

Bricks are not just wolf proof it is also fire proof, pest resistant and weather resistant. It is quite along prose to make bricks. Bricks are easy to work with and can make different shapes and perfectly straight shapes. Bricks usually are red but to change the colour you have to cote it in sand mixed with zinc, iron or another oxide mineral.

Wood is a natural resource and is quite easy to come by. Wood is good for the environment and stores lots of carbon it is a nice and Appling to build with. It is quite a cheap resource and easy to work with because you can cut it into all different shapes and sizes.

Both of these materials when loss moisture most often water they begin to crack. They are both great insulators. They keep warmth inside or cold inside. They are both strong and easy to work with.

Just think for a moment what sorts of materials we would make house from other than wood and bricks. I hope you liked my speech and learnt a lot. No wonder people have been making house from wood and bricks for so long.


reflecting on speech

When making my speech some difficulties I had was that I didn’t know where to start. I was struggling to make a speech that was good and be at a grade 5/6 level. I also didn’t know where to start. Some things that was strong in my speech are how I connected with the audience especially in the part where I talked about the 3 little pigs. I had practiced quite a bite making my eye contact get better. I still think I could have practiced a bite more and had smaller cue cards. I also could have had more practice and memorized it a bite more.  In subjects I can us specking and listing skills to pay more attention in class and speck confidently in class discussions. If I could choose 5 that I did well it would be:

  • My intro (second paragraph)
  • My conclusion (summary)
  • Connecting to the audience
  • My main body
  • How much eye contact

3 things to avoid when public specking is:

  • If your nerves and you go up at the end of your sentence like you are asking a question
  • Mumbling
  • Not looking up

3 personal goals for next time I present is to:

  • Memorise it my speech
  • Have smaller cue cards
  • Not be as nerves
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