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September 15, 2016
by carah2014

earthquakes project


A sudden violent shaking of the ground, people run screaming, buildings begin to fall, the ground starts to crack. Then, as suddenly as it had started, it stops- this is the terrifying disaster life changing earthquake. Many terrible things can happen after earthquakes but there is help from other countries often after an earthquake. Some of the main and key things I will be talking about is the environment and who/what is affected. Also about who can help pluse what can happen during and after an earthquake.


During an earthquake

As tectonic plates grind together at a fault line, the rocks on either side stretch to absorb a certain amount of pressure. If the pressure becomes too great, the rocks shatter, releasing shock waves that shake the surface. During an earthquake there is lots of panic. People are running and screaming. Things start to fall and there is a lot of stress. The ground and other things are shaking. This is very scary for the people in the earthquake.



Aftershocks are earthquakes that follow after an earthquake except aftershocks are smaller. Aftershocks can continue over a period weeks, months or years. Main shocks are usually more powerful and longer lasting than aftershocks. They are normally in the same area as the main shock. An aftershock will not occur unless there was a main shock first. If an aftershock is larger than the main shock the aftershock is then the main shock and the original main shock is now a fore shock. After an earthquake things like landslides and tsunamis causing floods may occur. Fires can start by broken gas pipes and electric cables which can’t be extinguished if the water pipes are destroyed. Buildings can also start collapsing making things even more dangerous. Destruction of transport links such as roads and bridges can occur after an earthquake.


Who/what is effected by earthquakes

People are effected by things like getting injuries and even deaf. This can happen from things like collapsing buildings. After earthquakes diseases can spread making people sick. Sometimes houses can collapse leaving people’s properties broken and people homeless. Most of the time after an earthquake it can be hard to find food and some people start to die of hunger. Family can lose family members either if they have physically lost them and they don’t know where they are or they may have died. Animals can die just like humans in some of the same sorts of ways and what will happen if that animal is endangered or close to extension? Remember animal’s homes can be broken just like people and then they are left homeless. People may also have to be relocated to places like refugee camps because it is too dangerous and it’s not a good environment to grow up in. people that live in different country can even be effected because the government normally helps so then they have to raise taxes. Earthquakes can make people sad and miserable from some of the lives lost.


The effect on the environment

Sometimes earthquakes can create new habitats, ecosystems and attract new species. Usually earthquakes change habitats in subtle way. For example if it happens near a forest it may knock trees down. From some of these site changes it can stop population of animals. Scientific American uses the example of the 2011 earthquake in japan as an event that had a big environmental impact on people, animals and the surrounding ecosystem. After the 2011 japan earthquake it resulted in a lack of safe drinking water for humans and animals. Animals can die from lack of food, water and a good habitat. Seeds can be lost from plants and this means that we could lose that plant for good but luckily we have seed banks. There could be soil liquefaction which is when soil loses strength and stiffness causing it to behave like a liquid. Important natural landmarks can be lost. Nuclear reactor damage is a significant environment issue anytime a major earthquake occurs.


Who can help and how?

Health professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) help by treating wounded and injured people. Emergency services like firefighters, police and paramedics help after an earthquake. Military help by rescue, delivery of supplies (water, food, shelter etc.) reconstruction. Dogs can help by looking around the area to find where people are dead/alive. Non – government – organisations (NGO e.g. Oxfam, would vison, care international etc.) help for aid/relief. People can donate money and also things like cloths, blankets, pillows, etc. after a bit builders come and help re-build. People could volunteer to go and help or donate to NGO’s.


This is important to know this because this can inform and encourage people to help out those how have suffered or been in an earthquake. In also explains how bad earthquakes really can be and I am shore that everyone will agree after reading this earthquakes truly are extremely bad. Everyone should know about earthquakes because of the dangers of them and they can be very scary. This piece has informed and explained about who can help after an earthquake, who is effected after an earthquake, how is the environment is effected and after and during an earthquake. Earthquakes are life changing disasters.

 Systems + analysis

The trigger was the tectonic plates getting stuck then quickly releasing. If we changed the heat level and made it a little colder it may not move as much or at all. This may not make the tectonic plates move as much and that would make it be not as high of a magnitude. Or it may not even move at all but I guess it all depends on how cold or hot the earth’s core is. If it’s only a site change of heat there will probably still be an earthquake just not as big. We can’t really go into the earth’s core so we can’t really change the temperate. But global worming may make a difference.






self assessment

information-report-assessment-carah – (this is my self assessment)

I believe that i have done a great job. I am really proud that i got 1000 words for my project. I know there is still a lot of areas to work on like my spelling and grammar. I think i need to work on getting more sequence and course + effect language into my writing but i sill think there is a lot of things to be proud of! Some of the things i think i did really well on is probably my length and my structure because i think i have done that really well.



September 11, 2016
by carah2014

debate #2

Good morning Miss Chairman Ladies and gentleman to day I will be talking about why people should NOT be allowed to build their house in flood or bush fire prone areas. Prone means likely to suffer. In my speech I will be talking about the dangers and the effect on humans.

But now onto my rebuttal ………


Don’t you who how dangerous it can be to build your house in a flood or bushfire prone area. If a natural disaster hits you and your home is not safe. Parts of Queensland once tragically homes and lives were lost in Toowoomba when there was a food in Queensland late 2010 to early 2011.This shows obviously how dangerous it was, towns where even left under the water.

Why would you want to live somewhere where you are likely to suffer? Imagen if something like black Saturday happened and your house wasn’t protected you would be lucky for your house to be still perfect. If you don’t know what black Saturday was it was some of the worst bush fires in history. It killed a bit less than 200 lives and many more in danger and it was in Victoria early 2009. It is way too dangerous.

Now on to my second point. The effect on humans is major because lives and homes can be lost let alone animals and nature. These things can be tragic! This means that people can be left homeless and parts of the environment are left burnt or washed away. Most people will be left with a burnt or under water house and injuries at the lest. I hope you now truly understand how it is extremely dangerous for people to live in flood and bushfire prone areas. Thank you.

September 11, 2016
by carah2014

debate #1

Hello Mr/madam chairman, girls and boys I am on the affirmative team about We should give money to other countries when they suffer from natural disasters. This means that if another country suffer from natural disasters we think that we should give them money to help them recover.

My second speaker will be talking about sympathy and the third speaker will be summing this all up.

Most people that survive natural disasters are left homeless ether because there house has been washed away, burnt, blown away or fall down and this are just some ways they end up homeless.

This people are probable suffering from injuries, loss of friends or family. Have you seen what natural disasters leave land people and areas looking like? It is distressful that some people think it is okay to leave them like that.

People need to get themselves to safety and normally people have trouble get themselves to safety letter lone things like food, animals, preseason. How knows when another natural disaster could hit.

If we don’t give them food, water, shelter, money, medical care, help to re-build more people can die and we want to avoid as much as we can.

I strongly believe that these people need help to get there community back the way it should be and we can help them with this. If we can help we should.

September 4, 2016
by carah2014

school captain speech

Hello 5/6 and teachers

My name is Carah and today I will be running for school captain. I know that this is a big roll and I am willing to take that on. I came to the school this year and that is probably my biggest weakness when we are referring to wanting the roll of school captain. I have a sister in year 7 and she was school captain at our old school. She has tort me a lot and told me some of the things that you have to do as school captain.


I am a pretty organised person and I enjoy helping others to organised upcoming events. I believe I am creative and I would bring that to the roll especially when trying to organise special events. I haven’t done much in the way of organising events but I am hopping that if I get school captain that I will get an opportunity to do something like that. I always love the way people put so much effete in organising seiten things and then they get the reworded of seeing what they have created. I believe that that is just so magical. I would really like to be able to have that experience and there is nothing better than doing that in front of you all.


I am ok with specking in public as you might know I am the SRC in my class and I really enjoy having that opportunity. I am also a character in the school play.I love to be able to talk and communicate with different people. I like to preform and do some pretty quirky thing like circus. These things give me confidence to be me and give things a go. I think that communication is a key aspect in leadership roles.  If there is no communication thing can be misunderstood and get confusing. Also when you are school caption you need to be able to communicant to a variety of ages.


I love to learn and to learn new things. I know that the role of school captain opens lots of opportunities to learn and to represent our school. I love the types of opportunity’s that school captain can give you. I always try to say yes when there is a new opportunity. That is why I think I should be school captain. Thank you for lessening!

September 4, 2016
by carah2014
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This is a link to the episode 5 DOLLAR NOTE

This episode was about how people are changing the $5 note slightly. The pictures on both sides are staying the same but there are some little details are getting added. What is the need for making a new $5 note when we already have one that works perfectly fine. The color on the note is also staying the same. The color is a purple and has a bigger slip of clear. I understand how we have had our $5 note for a while now and i get some people might want a new one. One of the little things they have added is a picture of a eastern spine bill (bird) and a prickly moses wattle. wonder what will be the next note to get a makeover.

blue– recalls (3)

green-incites (understanding)  (1)

purple– questions (2)


September 4, 2016
by carah2014


The noise I could hear was way to loud why can’t there be silence? That’s the problem when you go to pretty much any sport. Why am I even at the footy? I don’t like it. Anyway it was Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs. It isn’t even one of the teams i go for. It’s all because dad apparently goes for every team so we have to at the least watch every game. Arr! Doesn’t he get i hate footy! So when i brought my attention back to the game i sore the finale goal and the crowd went wild.

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