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December 7, 2016
by carah2014

100wc my year

At the start of this year I came to this school I had no friends and no idea what was going on. But now I have the greatest friends in my year i have developed new skills especially public speaking. This has lead me to getting the role of coastal ambassador for next year and this year being SRC. I got to go to Canberra camp and go on meany excursions. We have learned subjects and have been treated with great teachers that as been on the ride with us but now we have come to a stop. but this is just the beginning theirs still more to go on.

December 7, 2016
by carah2014

solar system video reflection

This is the video To Scale: The Solar System

The video was saying about how when you look up pictures of the earth and moon they look quite close but in actually fact they are really far away fro each other. Just like when you look up pictures of the solar system. So why do we people put pictures like that when that’s not actually what they look like? One reason is because with the solar system if you do it to scale then all you would see in the picture is the planets orbits but not the actual planet. One of the only ways you can see the solar system to scale is if you do a modal scale like shown in the video. Is making a scale modal hard because in the video it said it use a lot of room but is it hard? I guess it may be a little difficult when having to the exact measurements. In there modal earth was the size of a marble  and the other planets were made from different things corresponding to there size. I now know more and understand more about  our solar system and our size in the big galaxy. In the long term we are just a little marble going in circles around a huge ball of light.

blue– recalls (3)

green-incites (understanding)  (1)

purple– questions (2)


December 6, 2016
by carah2014

coding lesson reflection

Summary of lesson 

Today the grade 5’s did a lesson on coding. We used this website BOMBERBOT and we watch a video as well on ants blog. Coding is a way to make an electronic item or thing to something to my instructions or of the person we do this using coding language. In the video it was talking about how coding is something that can come into a lot of things. The video was trying to encourage people to code. Coding  is important because it is becoming a big part of our future as technology is becoming a more updated way to do things.

What do I want to learn more about?

I would like to learn about more advanced coding and maybe even start to form our own coded video on programs like scratch. I would like to also learn and do more on some games or programs like the one we used today on the website. I think I also should learn a bit more of the peruse of coding and why we are doing it.

What I am confused and exited about.

I am a bit confused on putting bracts ( [ ] )in bracts. it made me even more confused when the program would not let me and phoebe do it. I am exited about how on some programs you can even make games and video even no we probably not do that sort of things in class.

How can we improve learning about coding at mpps

I think we should do this more frequently ad make it for both 5 and 6’s. I think this can help use learn more about coding and we will be able to do more advances and fun coding like things on scratch. This would be a bit more exiting.





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