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February 28, 2017
by carah2014

100wc camp (abseiling)

Looking down to the sandy surface of the beach, about to walk down a cliff with just a harness and some ropes to save me from the fall. People all around are scared, exited some even crying. I was worried I would fall or slip on the dip in the rocks. As I went own it go funner until I slipped and let go of the speed rope rushing down. I suddenly put my hand on with a stop then I slowly lower myself down. As I got unclipped a sign of relief. It was over!

February 26, 2017
by carah2014

SRC application

Hello class,

I would like to share with you some of the reasons why I would like to be SRC (in the Student Representative Council). These are some of the main reasons I would like to be SRC.

I think I am a great leader and that I know how to handle a group. I feel I am quite a reliable and dependable person also I am responsible and trustworthy. These are some of the qualities an SRC should have. They need these qualities so you no they will take your ideas back to meetings and actually go to them. Inform your class with information about upcoming events and other important things you the class needs to know.

I am a pretty organised person and I enjoy helping others to organised upcoming fundraisers. I believe I am creative and I would bring that to the roll especially when trying to organise fundraisers. I always love to help out in organising seiten things. I believe that is you get such a good feeling when you do. I would really like to be able to help and it would be great to do it for all of you.

I am ok with specking in public I have been the SRC in my class before and I really enjoy having that opportunity. I was also a character in the school play. I love to be able to talk and communicate with different people. I like to perform. I think that communication is a key aspect in leadership roles. If there is no communication thing can be misunderstood and get confusing. Also when you are SRC you need to be able to communicant to a variety of ages.

I love to learn and to learn new things. I know that the role of SRC opens opportunities to learn and to represent our school. I always try to say yes when there is a new opportunity. That is why I think I should be SRC. Thank you for lessening!

February 16, 2017
by carah2014


This is the video –

On the 19th of February 1942 Darwin was bombed by Japaneses forces and the 75th anniversary is coming up this weekend. It will be a day of reflecting especially for those how live or lived in Darwin. Why did the Japanese want to bomb Darwin? I mean what did Australia do to get punished like this? I guess it was just because they where on the opposition in the war agents japan, Germany and Italy.

On the 19th japan sent 188 fighter planes from ships in he Timor sea. Another attack came not long after. Two air raids killed at least 235 people and wounded about 400 more. I wounder how many people were kill in the first attack and how many people were wounded? I would also like to know how many people were effected. everyone in Darwin would be effected but there will have probably had been more even more like the families of the dead  and wounded.

 This is the biggest attack ever on Australia in history even though it was not the only one as the has been over 90 air attacks. To mark this anniversary kids are making art and learning about what happen to Darwin. Watching this video made me understand more about this event. This was not an event I know that much about so it was good to learn more about what happened the 19th of February 1942.

blue– recalls (3)

green-incites (understanding)  (1)

purple– questions (2)



February 9, 2017
by carah2014

letter about me

Hi world,

I have made this to share a bit about myself. I am really excited for this year with our fun camp, swimming carnival and lots more of activities. This year I have Libby as my teacher and I am excited to be in this class even though it wasn’t my ideal class but is it ever? Even though I was separated from all of my close friends I am still determined to make this grade 6 year the best.

When I was in prep – 4 I went to a different school in ballart I had lots of good friends and it was hard to leave them all. The moving period was a hard. My mums name is Shiona she has been a teacher and music teacher in the past. She cotches people and has a website that is about performers. My dad’s name is Terry he is an engineer he every now and the he does some painting of little mini – figures for a game we got him. I have an older sister, she is in year 8 at high school she is a dancer and loves to musical theatre and to sing. I have a cat and she is black and white.

I am in year 6 this year and I like to dance and go to circus. I have been working on an aerial hoop solo at my circus school. And I have been really excited about doing it. I do ballet, jazz and lyrical at dance. In my free time I like to relax and if I get the time I will try and read a book but I sometimes have trouble to remember to read.

My holidays where pretty good I went to Queensland for 6 day and I stayed at Jupiter’s casino for my sister to dance at the showcase national dance championships. It was fun even though I didn’t get 1 single ice-cream 😢. I also went to adventure park Geelong at the end of the holidays with my family. I also went to the beach for dinner with my family Nan and grandad. I went to science works with Chiara ( and we got to play with robots. We had to try and get them through an obstacle course it was sometimes hard but also really fun. I also went to the zoo with her another day. Friends from Ballarat and we had some fun with them. Here some photos that may help you visualize some things.

I am really exited to go to camp soon. We are going to be doing so many cool activities and I just can’t wait for camp it’s coming so quickly we are going to be going for 5 days and I can’t stop thinking about it. We are going to go snorkelling, swimming, explore caves and rock pools, walking on the beach and more. This will probably be the best camp ever I just can’t what for this altemet camp.

Last year I was in ant’s class. He was a really good teacher and I enjoyed being in his class. I hope that will be the same with Libby’s class. Here some photos that may help you visualize some things.

by carah

February 6, 2017
by carah2014

internet safety day reflection

Today was safe internet day and we did a webinar about digital footprints and privacy. This webinar involved 128 counties around the world. People on the internet may not always be who they seem. People can hack into your accounts and find out private information. If you are being cyber bulled you should tell a trusted adult, report/ block them and save the evidence. Some websites you can use are the kid’s helpline and esafety. It is good to have 5 or more older people you trust. We have rights to feel safe and secure, and all have the right to be private. We can’t tell who people are online all the time.

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