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This is the link to the episode TASSIE DEVILS.

This episode was all about the Tasmanian devils and how they where becoming endangered. The Tasmanian devils numbers where decreasing and this is because of  Devil facial tumor disease (DFTD) a parasitic cancer among Tasmanian devils. DFTD is contagious among Tasmanian devils. No one is sure what causes it but it spreads when  Tasmanian devils bite and scratch with other Tasmanian devils which happens a lot at there mealtime.

When the Tasmanian devils have get the disease the tumors start to build up around the the face and mouth. Eventually the Tasmanian devils can’t eat and they end up dying. This is why there is a decrease in numbers. Something good is that zoos like Healesville sanctuary are breading so they will hopefully not become extinct. Doing this though showed them that Tasmanian devils bread slower in captivity. 

I wonder if they have found the cause yet as this video is a number of years old? I also would like to know about how many of them are there left in the wild? From this I now have the understanding about Devil facial tumor disease (DFTD). 

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