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October 26, 2017
by carah2014

100wc …as the door slammed, I knew…

The lights were flickering on off. The floor shock intensely. Sounds like nails on a chalkboard were in the background. Home alone in the small old house. My small old house.

The door creaked open.


As the door slammed, I knew i was not by myself anymore. I got shivers as the floor boards squeal. A shadow lingered on the wall. A fear coming close. A man in a black robe moved towards me. The face was covered so I knew not of how he was. I feel myself feel drowsy and week. My body freezes. I fall to the ground.


October 18, 2017
by carah2014

100wc feet in the water

No one really knows why there are feet in the water. Where they real where the fake. All I know was on Saturday there was none and the on Sunday there they where. I have had thoughts about how they could have got there.

Someone plunged into the lake and never came up?

No that wouldn’t have happened the ground in the lake is way to hard.

Someone made a sculpture to look like someone plunged in and never came up?

More realistic but why would someone do that?

Why is it there?

Why is it there?

Why is it there?

link to the website


October 12, 2017
by carah2014


They are all around me

They lift me up when i am down

I love to see them but not all the time

They are not something you can put a price on

There is not just one

Most would have them

They give me fun in the best of times

They are my number one

They make me smile

They make me proud

They may don’t look the best

They may not look that special

But they are close to my heart

They aren’t all one size but are quite long

They are mine and for me to love


Prompt from this week: Describe your most treasured item without actually giving what it is away. 

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