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Life in the dark – story punishment


Life in the Dark

My face is scrunched. My eyes were closed. My heart shrivels up unfixable as there are too many pieces lost. I return to my black hole as I feel tears trickle down. I enter a life in the dark unknown to others. It is like being a lonely apple on a tree.

You’re picked…

You’re chewed…

You’re spat out.

Just like the lonely apple you’re dead. You died from the way your life was. The once good life is now a horror film only it’s real. Life can’t be restored from the broken pieces.

Then I fall to the ground…

I can’t get back up. There is a force so strong pushing me back down to the ground. I am left unnoticed by everyone and everything. Leaves from the autumn trees fall on top of me. My body won’t move anymore. My once functional body shuts down. I can move, talk or think anymore. I’m dead like the lonely apple. I died from the way my life was. My once good life is now a horror film only it’s real. Life can’t be restored from the broken pieces. The broken pieces of me.

The unexpected sometimes arrives. Will it happen to me?

I can feel the last parts of me being sucked away. Is it too late?

The unthinkable happens to those that wait. But have I waited long enough?

The light I once saw vanishes. Will I see that light ever again?

I close my eyes.


My eyes open. What I saw last was not what I see now. I can move my body. I can think. I can make sounds. But I am in hospital. There is a wheelchair next to my bed. I can see people around my bed. Mum, Dad, family, some kids from school and also some people I didn’t recognise. I am confused. What had happened? I didn’t know. Why am I in hospital?

Mum told me I was at school when she found me lying on the ground near the big autumn tree. She didn’t know what was wrong as I was unconscious. She brought me here to get informed of the damage. I have broken both of my legs so badly I can’t walk, maybe ever again. Also I had a fractured wrist. When she finished they looked at me for a while. Everyone is watching. Then a voice spoke. It was Dad. He asked if I remembered anything from earlier. I shook my head no. I know I was dreaming to big. The shutting down feeling was my imagination getting the best of me. It must have been the pain from the life I lived. If I am now in a wheelchair I will just damage myself more. I am here today because of the life I lived was terrible. To think this life I now have will be even worse than the one before it is too much. I have given them more power to control me. I have given then what they wanted. This is what they wanted for me to end up as some broken piece. I want to shut it all out.

My eyelids are heavy. I am asleep.

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