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This is the video CODING SCHOOL

This video was about coding, the process of assigning a code to something for classification or identification.  The kids from the school do coding sessions on iPads using a program called pythonista. The language that the coding is do in is called python. Python is a really easy to understand coding language and it allows them to use their iPads to create their own games. 

They work as a team to design entertaining and challenging games. When they are happy they give their finished code to their teacher who sends it through to an app store. So far, the school’s got 7 games registered that anyone around the world can play. They say that at the start it was hard but after a while it gets easier. Some of the kids want to be able to continue on with this as a future job. This is what the kid said:

RYAN: With all the new technology and robots coming out, I feel like coding is going to be an important aspect in the future so I wanna use it to get a job and help me make a financial balance.

GEORIGIA: I’d really like to get a job doing this kind of thing one day. I think it would be a really fun experience.

TYLER: I’m definitely hoping to make this work in the real world especially since I’m very interested in html and I hope to code websites as well as games ’cause I heard you can make quite a buck out of that!

I would like to know what the games the have published are. It would be good to see what sort of things kids are creating. It may also give us some encouragement to do more things related to coding seeing the rewords that could come of it. I would like to know if all students do the coding sessions. Is it optional? Is it compulsory? Or does everyone want to do it? i want to know this because this can be a way of how much people are liking learning how to code. From this video it has given me the understanding of how big coding is becoming a thing and a little incite on how to use the program they where using.  

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green-incites (understanding)  (1)

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