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May 23, 2017
by carah2014

Excel graph making

I chose a pie graph because it helps show the different % and the difference in sections. The data is quite easy to see if you would like a quick idea.

% of worlds wealth held in 2005
Richest 10% 58.2
2nd Richest 10% 16.8
3rd Richest 10% 10.5
4th Richest 10% 6.5
5th Richest 10% 4.4
6th Richest 10% 2.5
7th Richest 10% 0.9
8th Richest 10% 0.2
9th Richest 10% 0.1
Poorest 10% 0

February 6, 2017
by carah2014

internet safety day reflection

Today was safe internet day and we did a webinar about digital footprints and privacy. This webinar involved 128 counties around the world. People on the internet may not always be who they seem. People can hack into your accounts and find out private information. If you are being cyber bulled you should tell a trusted adult, report/ block them and save the evidence. Some websites you can use are the kid’s helpline and esafety. It is good to have 5 or more older people you trust. We have rights to feel safe and secure, and all have the right to be private. We can’t tell who people are online all the time.

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