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November 25, 2017
by carah2014


This is the video CODING SCHOOL

This video was about coding, the process of assigning a code to something for classification or identification.  The kids from the school do coding sessions on iPads using a program called pythonista. The language that the coding is do in is called python. Python is a really easy to understand coding language and it allows them to use their iPads to create their own games. 

They work as a team to design entertaining and challenging games. When they are happy they give their finished code to their teacher who sends it through to an app store. So far, the school’s got 7 games registered that anyone around the world can play. They say that at the start it was hard but after a while it gets easier. Some of the kids want to be able to continue on with this as a future job. This is what the kid said:

RYAN: With all the new technology and robots coming out, I feel like coding is going to be an important aspect in the future so I wanna use it to get a job and help me make a financial balance.

GEORIGIA: I’d really like to get a job doing this kind of thing one day. I think it would be a really fun experience.

TYLER: I’m definitely hoping to make this work in the real world especially since I’m very interested in html and I hope to code websites as well as games ’cause I heard you can make quite a buck out of that!

I would like to know what the games the have published are. It would be good to see what sort of things kids are creating. It may also give us some encouragement to do more things related to coding seeing the rewords that could come of it. I would like to know if all students do the coding sessions. Is it optional? Is it compulsory? Or does everyone want to do it? i want to know this because this can be a way of how much people are liking learning how to code. From this video it has given me the understanding of how big coding is becoming a thing and a little incite on how to use the program they where using.  

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November 22, 2017
by carah2014

Life in the dark – story punishment

Life in the Dark

My face is scrunched. My eyes were closed. My heart shrivels up unfixable as there are too many pieces lost. I return to my black hole as I feel tears trickle down. I enter a life in the dark unknown to others. It is like being a lonely apple on a tree.

You’re picked…

You’re chewed…

You’re spat out.

Just like the lonely apple you’re dead. You died from the way your life was. The once good life is now a horror film only it’s real. Life can’t be restored from the broken pieces.

Then I fall to the ground…

I can’t get back up. There is a force so strong pushing me back down to the ground. I am left unnoticed by everyone and everything. Leaves from the autumn trees fall on top of me. My body won’t move anymore. My once functional body shuts down. I can move, talk or think anymore. I’m dead like the lonely apple. I died from the way my life was. My once good life is now a horror film only it’s real. Life can’t be restored from the broken pieces. The broken pieces of me.

The unexpected sometimes arrives. Will it happen to me?

I can feel the last parts of me being sucked away. Is it too late?

The unthinkable happens to those that wait. But have I waited long enough?

The light I once saw vanishes. Will I see that light ever again?

I close my eyes.


My eyes open. What I saw last was not what I see now. I can move my body. I can think. I can make sounds. But I am in hospital. There is a wheelchair next to my bed. I can see people around my bed. Mum, Dad, family, some kids from school and also some people I didn’t recognise. I am confused. What had happened? I didn’t know. Why am I in hospital?

Mum told me I was at school when she found me lying on the ground near the big autumn tree. She didn’t know what was wrong as I was unconscious. She brought me here to get informed of the damage. I have broken both of my legs so badly I can’t walk, maybe ever again. Also I had a fractured wrist. When she finished they looked at me for a while. Everyone is watching. Then a voice spoke. It was Dad. He asked if I remembered anything from earlier. I shook my head no. I know I was dreaming to big. The shutting down feeling was my imagination getting the best of me. It must have been the pain from the life I lived. If I am now in a wheelchair I will just damage myself more. I am here today because of the life I lived was terrible. To think this life I now have will be even worse than the one before it is too much. I have given them more power to control me. I have given then what they wanted. This is what they wanted for me to end up as some broken piece. I want to shut it all out.

My eyelids are heavy. I am asleep.

November 2, 2017
by carah2014

100wc flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

Tomorrow the Olympic games opening will be celebrated. As the games begin the Olympic flame will be lit. All the countries and the colors. The sports like swimming, running, jumping, being a team play will be shown. The running track will be painted with perfect white lines. The pool will be sparkling clean. The horses will be groomed and healthy. The teams will be training. I love watching the Olympics. I can see contrys come together because of sport.  i will wake up early to see the opining ceremony. I will watch events day in day out. STOP there starting.


October 26, 2017
by carah2014

100wc …as the door slammed, I knew…

The lights were flickering on off. The floor shock intensely. Sounds like nails on a chalkboard were in the background. Home alone in the small old house. My small old house.

The door creaked open.


As the door slammed, I knew i was not by myself anymore. I got shivers as the floor boards squeal. A shadow lingered on the wall. A fear coming close. A man in a black robe moved towards me. The face was covered so I knew not of how he was. I feel myself feel drowsy and week. My body freezes. I fall to the ground.


October 18, 2017
by carah2014

100wc feet in the water

No one really knows why there are feet in the water. Where they real where the fake. All I know was on Saturday there was none and the on Sunday there they where. I have had thoughts about how they could have got there.

Someone plunged into the lake and never came up?

No that wouldn’t have happened the ground in the lake is way to hard.

Someone made a sculpture to look like someone plunged in and never came up?

More realistic but why would someone do that?

Why is it there?

Why is it there?

Why is it there?

link to the website


October 12, 2017
by carah2014


They are all around me

They lift me up when i am down

I love to see them but not all the time

They are not something you can put a price on

There is not just one

Most would have them

They give me fun in the best of times

They are my number one

They make me smile

They make me proud

They may don’t look the best

They may not look that special

But they are close to my heart

They aren’t all one size but are quite long

They are mine and for me to love


Prompt from this week: Describe your most treasured item without actually giving what it is away. 

Link to website:

September 17, 2017
by carah2014
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100wc …so, what lies ahead of…

A dark winding road. Back before there where ghosts, pumpkins and witches so, what lies ahead of the road this time round. The spook of zombies or graveyards. The haunted mansion. The trees that are dead but they are alive. It could be anything.


Unicorns! There in your face they are dancing, playing.

But wait why such scary things leading to this. Is this the protection method they use. It may not make sense but that is ok because unicorns are awesome. Playing all night long peaceful horn fights what is not to love here in unicornia.

August 30, 2017
by carah2014

100wc … then suddenly it went dark…

It was ketteny’s birthday party and it started a 5 pm (that is late for us kids). She had a bowling party at dragos function fun. It was so fun! I got ketteny a barbie and some heart candys. Alex one the game it isn’t fear. I wanted the fluffy dragon but Alex got it. later once the party was over dad walked me to the car but then suddenly it went dark… well… the party went so quick i felt like it should still be light out. Time went so quick it didn’t seem right to be dark. But it was.

August 25, 2017
by carah2014
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100wc … as it came rushing towards us we…

A deer was passing along the winding road. A king of it’s kind. The bears washing the glass as if it was a treat, a meat. A plunge from the penguins. The birds flying high.

This was all the same old good day at the zoo but OH NO!

There was a lion on the loss. It saw us it then it started to run at us. As it came rushing towards us we closed our eyes but then he was gone.

Where did it go?

Was it still on the lose?

Was everyone safe?

What will happen next?

I Wonder…


August 18, 2017
by carah2014

100 word challenge

I went to the zoo and saw a seal yesterday. Was he happy was he sad I don’t know. It was on a rock grasing in the sun with a big smile on his face. Or what I thouht was a smile. I knew he wouldn’t have a smile if he know what would happen next. It was a trip to the vet and I know for a fact he didn’t like the vet. It said that on his bibliography out the frount to the encloser. So a trip to the zoo full of fou all of a suden was done.

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